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Project Description
Source code for the RAM CPU Taskbar (version 2) project by anonymousthing.

Places a dynamic progress bar reflecting RAM and CPU usage behind your transparent taskbar. As such, it only works on Windows 7 and Windows 8, unless you have a modded Win7 taskbar on Vista/XP or lower.


Notes on commenting within the source

 Commenting is very scarce except in the more confusing regions of the code - this is because it was unintended that the source code was going to be released. However, I will be adding more comments and descriptions to the code over time. 


Although it is under the GNU license, all I really care about is that you link or credit me if you implement this code or idea in a program and sell it. Otherwise, redistribute/take/steal/borrow any snippets of code to your heart's content.


Note that this is only used for source code uploading; to download the binaries/executable, please go to the deviantArt page here

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